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Report on the Teachers' day 2017  (Created: 2018-01-05)

The Austrian section of EPS Young Minds (ÖPG Young Minds) and the Division “Physics and School” have organized this year's “LehrerInnentag” (teachers' day) of the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG). We presented the winners of this year's Students' Award for outstanding master and diploma theses in the areas of theoretical and experimental physics, which is awarded by the Young Minds section. This year's laureates are Lukas Semmelrock (HEPHY/TU Wien) for his work “Dissipative Losses in Self-Interacting Dark Matter Collisions” and Raphaela Wutte (TU Wien) for her work “Near Horizon Boundary Conditions for Spin-3 Gravity in Flat Space”.

Further, the division “Physics and School” presented the winners of the Roman Ulrich Sexl Award for outstanding achievements in teaching and the winners of the awards for “pre-scientific work” (“Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeiten”) in the area of physics.

Following the award ceremony, all laureates presented their areas of research in front of an audience of high school students. During the discussion many interesting questions were asked. Additionally, the participants of both the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) and the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) shared their experiences during these events.

With over 190 attendants composed mostly of high school students, teachers and other interested participants, the event was a great success. It connected graduate students and high school students and it helped introducing the latter to the forefront of research in modern physics. We definitely plan to repeat this event in the coming year.

(Photos: Alexander Haber. Click to enlarge. More photos can be found in the "members only" section of this webpage.)

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